Monday, April 12, 2010

Thank you Donald Trump

So yesterday while watching television with the family I discovered who it is I am going to marry. I would like to thank Donald Trump for introducing me to this magnificent being. Her name you ask? Oh yea...... Seilta Ebanks. So mi madre goes on to tell me she is a Victoria Secret model and what not. Look.... its not gonna be long before Im famous and Im dating this woman. You heard it first from me right here. She is so ___________(whatever describes her) that she is the only person that gets colored pics on my blog. And dont get to happy looking at these pictures because we kind of dating now... we just on a break (LMAO)

Someone needs candy

..."I'm a grown ass man, if you need a break buy a Kit Kat".

Care But Don't Care

The best advice(well maybe not the best advice) I have received was "care but don't care". Well he didn't exactly say it like that, he used more graphic terms....anyways. A couple weeks ago I was talking to my childhood friend/ex-roomate/ace of my line. I told him how the life was treating me and how people change out of nowhere for no reason. In his laid back LL cool J voice he replied "Care but don't Care". With that being said I look at life differently....I mean whatever is gonna happen is gonna happen. Right now Im living life like a P. Diddy "I am King" commercial. Besides I'm one of the greatest gifts put on this earth. With my charm intellect and spontaneous behavior some may say Im on another level. My point is life is to short and precious to be worried about things or people that dont have your best interest.....get up have fun and "Care but Dont Care".

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Slow Mo

Man my advice to all the upcoming graduates is to slow it down just a tad bit. Boy I wish someone would have told me that. My last few months of undergrad, I remember having the anxious feeling of getting out into the real world and making this-loot-. LMAO I know graduation is coming but those last few memories are the ones that will stick with you for the rest of your life. I just look and remember the bonds I had that have kind of faded since then. I wish I would have just appreciated that time and just relaxed. Word to the wise Slow-It-Down.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Something New

Am I the only one tired of the Ralph Lauren Frenzy or epidemic which has taken over Atlanta and several other metro areas around the nation. Anyways I took a trip to a secret location in Atlanta and purchased one of my new favorite designers "threads". The Comme Des Garcon "Play" collection. This brand is probably must noted by newcomer/hip-hop phoneme "Drake". You may have heard this from him "Black hearts on my cardigan" yea well now you know what he mean. While Im at it have a small story to I went back to my alma mater for homecoming and this -nameless- person had a heart patch ironed on to his dress-jacket(blazer) lol. I guess he called himself fooling someone. enjoy the pics.

Welcome aboard

Im happy to finally say my new blog is up and running. I would like to take the time and say thankyou for purchasing a ticket to watch 1st hand what happens in the life of a semi genius. This road wont be easy to success but Im sure with the right mouth piece and some good tunes we will make it folks. -POW